What’s Ripe for Picking?

Macoun, Honeycrsip, Cortland, McIntosh, Pumpkins, St. Edmund’s Russet, Snowsweet, Pixie Crunch, Jonamac, Cox’s Orange, Pomme Gris, Liberty, Gala, Freedom, Zestar, Binet Rouge, and Pears are ripe for picking.

Honeycrisp- flesh that gushes with juice, cracking off in slabs with each bite. Tangy infused with honey. Best for fresh eating. We’re at the very beginning of the harvest window for Honeycrisp. Look for the most red colored for fullest flavor.

Flemish Beauty Pear- picks green but ripens off the tree. It’s hard to beat the flavor of a pear picked local.

McIntosh- tart with a hint of sugar sweet. Reminds me of fall every time I bite into one. Eating and baking.

Zestar- juicy, dissolving flesh. Large. Sweet and zesty. Fluorescent pink with creamy white background. Eating and sauce.

Saint Edmund’s Russet- My favorite eating apple. Caramel, nutty, coupled with sour at peak ripeness. Quickly turns to pear like flavor near the end of its harvest window. Looks like a potato.

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