Made at the cider barn, with fresh apples.

You have to try the cider slushy.

"By far the best warm cider doughnut on the planet.”

-Customer review on Google

Pumpkins and squash!

Pick out of the patch or grab them at the barn.

Organic maple syrup from our 26,000 maple trees.

Boiled and barreled with pride at our sugarhouse.

ACV fermented for over three years

Made with our own cider- never diluted - probably closer to 9% acetic acid although we don’t measure it.

Take home wholesome.

40 Varieties of U-Pick Apples
Picked Apples
Cider Doughnuts

Cider Slushies

Apple Pies
Sweet Corn
Maple Syrup
Cider Vinegar


Grass Fed Beef

All of our products (except for certain doughnut ingredients) are grown at our farm.

Everything we sell comes from our farm.

Except the apple peeler/corers and hats and such.


Receive occasional emails to let you know when your favorite apples, pears, pumpkins, and cherries are ripe for picking.

Find us in Cabot, Vermont. Or on Facebook and such

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