State of the Orchard

We are in the thick of apple season now at the beginning of October. Honeycrisp are still loaded on the trees, ripe for picking. Pixie Crunch are similarly laden on the trees and just coming into their peak harvest time. Macoun are a deep purple- crisp, cool, and refreshing eaten out of hand- and a great baking apple beside. The main point is that there are lots of nice apples in the orchard right now.  To boot, the pumpkin patch is looking great as well!

Pick your own

Enjoy the farm the way we do. Fresh, simple, full.

With over 40 varieties of apples, pears, and tart cherries, there’s fruit for everyone.

Cider doughnuts!

They’re crunchy on the outside, and soft therein. Made fresh every day and sometimes all day.

Playground, Corn Maze, and the Golden Apple Hunt

There’s fun to be had alongside the picking!

Apple season starts some time between August 18th and August 20th!

The first apples to ripen are Pristine and Jerseymac. Pristine are a crisp apple with a refreshing citrus and vanilla flavor. Jerseymac are an early McIntosh with an added strawberry flavor.


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